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XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi walked right by the secretary and flung open the door to Touma's office. He had a huge grin on his face and a piece of paper in his hand.  "Touma...I have something new."

JackDaniel4242: Tohma had been absorbed in work. Of course this was nothing new. He barely even looked up from the computer screen as Sakuma walked in. "Oh?" The smile did slide onto his face, but his eyes were transfixed on the machine before him.

XIXHikaruXIX: He set down the paper on Touma's desk. Like usual, Ryuichi's lyrics were scattered across a page with little drawings and crayon marks everywhere. It was a 'work of art' in and of itself “For the new broadcast." He was grinning like an idiot.

JackDaniel4242: Tohma glanced at the paper and then back to the screen. After a second he looked back again. He began to read the upsidedown words and slowly reached over to take the paper off the desk. He leaned back in his chair as he read, ignoring the little swirls and other doodles. He was used to Sakuma's methods of creativity. "These are good." He murmered to himself and then seemed to shake himself out of a daze. "Sakuma-san, gomenasai." He smiled. "I must be working to hard."

XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi cocked his head to the side. He then closed his eyes and put an even bigger grin on his face. "Touma needs a break. Let's go!"  He walked around to Touma's chair, and pulled it away from the desk. "Kumagoro and I need fresh air."

JackDaniel4242: "Uh,..Sakuma-san, I really do need...." Knowing protests were useless he let himself be dragged away from the desk and, with a sigh, followed the lead singer out the door.

XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi put his hands in his pockets and Kumagoro on his head. He smiled and sang slightly offkey on purpose all the way to the elevator

JackDaniel4242: Tohma looked at the singer out of the corner of his eye as they waited for the elevator. "So where are we going?"

XIXHikaruXIX: "It's up to Kuma-chan today."

JackDaniel4242: "Think you can ask him so I know if I'll need to get gas?"

XIXHikaruXIX: The elevator beeped, and as he walked out of it, he put on his sunglasses.  “He says we won't need the car."

JackDaniel4242: Tohma's brows went up for a moment as he looked at the pink bunny, but he let Sakuma lead and figured the break was needed.

XIXHikaruXIX: The green-haired singer turned to Touma and flashed him a reassuring smile, followed by a peace sign.  He lead the way out the doors of the building, and began to walk down the street.

JackDaniel4242: Tohma shook his head and put his own sunglasses on. Looking up he saw a clear blue sky, one lone bird winging its way through the open space. It was a beautiful day. Haven't seen this in a while. I really have been in the office too much lately. Glancing back at Sakuma, he realized he was falling behind and began walking to catch up.

XIXHikaruXIX: "Na no na no na na no na!  Touma, sing with me!" He still had a huge grin on his face, enjoying the walk and spending time with his bandmate.

JackDaniel4242: "Why don't you sing me your new song?"

XIXHikaruXIX: He stopped, then looked at Touma for a moment. With a nod, he broke into the new lyrics that had come to him last night.

JackDaniel4242: Tohma listened as he walked. "Those really are good Sakuma-san. I think we'll work on getting the music written out so we can record it."

XIXHikaruXIX: "Heh, arigatou, Touma!" He looked up at the rabbit on his head. "Not too bad, huh Kumagoro?" Picking his head up, he stopped. "Yoshi!" They had arrived at his destination, which was a little park nearby the office.  A day like this shouldn’t' go to waste. He ran right for teh swings.  Sitting down on the small seat, he plucked kumagoro off his head and set him in hsi lap

JackDaniel4242: Tohma approaced the singer, who looked like a boy on a fine summer day. "Would you like me to push you?"

XIXHikaruXIX: He nodded, and grasped the chains

JackDaniel4242: Tohma came behind Sakuma and placed his hands on the man's back. He pushed gently, to get the swing moving and then a bit harder to give some height.


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi grinned, enjoying the breeze as Touma pushed him on the swing. Suddenly, in mid-air, he leapt off and landed rather gracefully. "Kuma-chan would rather Touma have a go."  He handed Kumagoro to Touma and edged him at the swing.


JackDaniel4242: Tohma had not been on a swing in years.  He couldn't even remember when the last time he sat on one was.  Silently he took the pink bunny from his smiling friend, but hesitated when he looked at the swing.  "Sakuma-san, I don't know if this is a good idea."


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi pouted, then edged him on, "Touma needs to relax a bit."


JackDaniel4242: There was only one person in the world who could get Seguchi Tohma on a swing in the middle of a park.  With a sigh the producer sat.  He placed Kumagoro on his lap and looked at his friend.  "Now what?"


XIXHikaruXIX: "Now I push you." He smiled, then walked around the swing and started pushing.


JackDaniel4242: Tohma braced himself, holding the chains of the swing firmly.  He hoped he wouldn't lose his poise and fall off.  Looking down at his lap he glared at the bunny there for a moment, thankful its owner couldn't see.


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi was actually rather gentle with his pushes, he had no intention of angering Touma...He was simply showing his concern in his own...odd...way.  "Hee, it's nice, ne?"


JackDaniel4242: "Yes, it is."  And it was.  He had forgotten how simple things could be pleasing.  He relaxed and let Sakuma push him for a while.


XIXHikaruXIX: After not even five minutes, Ryuichi was getting bored, "Ne, ne, let's go on the seesaw!"  He started slowing the swing so Touma could jump off.


JackDaniel4242: Just as Tohma was relaxing Sakuma's attention turned to other things.  "Sakuma-san, I don't know..."  His voice trailed off as he stopped the swing with his heels and rose.  "I don't know if I can do that."


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi pouted and sniffled a little, until another metal object caught his attention. He grabbed Touma's wrist and dragged him over to the slide.  “Better?”


JackDaniel4242: "Oh g-d no." Tohma whispered under his breath before he could think to stop the words.  "Sakuma-san..."


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi stopped, then turned to Touma with a stern look on his face. It lasted a mere moment, but it was long enough. He sighed, then ran up the ladder and proceeded to make his way down the slide.


JackDaniel4242: With a sigh Tohma followed.  He stood to the side of the slide and watched the lead singer make his way up and down the contraption.  It was a wonder how the man could keep such innocence.  It was one of the reasons Tohma admired him.  "Sakuma-san, how about some ice-cream?"


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi's ears perked at the mention of the words "ice cream" and his eyes got wide and sparky. "Hontou ni?! Kuma-chan gets one too, right?"


JackDaniel4242: Tohma laughed.  "Sure."


XIXHikaruXIX: "Yatta!" He bounced over to the ice cream truck vendor and eagerly studied the list of ice cream flavors. Ohhh they had crepes....hmmm....


JackDaniel4242: Tohma reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.  "What would you like?"


XIXHikaruXIX: "Choco crepe, onegaiiiii. And Kuma-chan would like an ichigo one." He grinned, and reached for his pink comrade, "it's his favorite."


JackDaniel4242: The producer nodded to the vendor and handed over the money.  He took the crepes from the man and handed then to Sakuma.  "Here you go."


XIXHikaruXIX: "What's Touma getting?"


JackDaniel4242: "I'm not hungry."


XIXHikaruXIX: "Kuma-chan'll share...he's kinda greedy, but he likes you."


JackDaniel4242: Tohma bit back a laugh.  "Why thank you Kuma-san."


XIXHikaruXIX: Ryuichi grinned and extended the strawberry crepe to his fellow bandmate.


JackDaniel4242: "Thank you." Tohma took it and bit.  The sweet taste filled his mouth and he suddenly realized how hungry he was.  Maybe he had been working too hard.


XIXHikaruXIX: He happily munched on his chocolate crepe, enjoying every bite


JackDaniel4242: Tohma finished off the strawberry crepe before he knew it and looked at his empty hand in surprise.  Raising his head to his bamd mate he smiled.  "I'm sorry, I didn't leave much for Kuma-san."


XIXHikaruXIX: "He needs to lose some weight anyway.  We've had too much fast food recently." Ryuichi laughed.  "Kuma-chan's lousy in the kitchen."  Ryuichi eyed the area for something else to entertain them.


JackDaniel4242: A low beep caught Tohma's attention and he pulled his cell phone from his pocket.  He had voice mail.  Looking at the clock on the screen he realized that he had a lot more work to get done before going home that night.  That is, if he even went home.  "Sakuma-san, I'd love to stay, but I have a lot more work to do."  He smiled at the singer.  "I also want to begin working on getting your new lyrics into production as soon as possible.  If you don't mind, I have to be getting back to the office."


XIXHikaruXIX: "un..." He dug his foot in the dirt, "But touma will come again, right?"

JackDaniel4242: Tohma smiled a genuine smile.  "Of course."


XIXHikaruXIX: "Yatta!" His eyes brightened, and he added, "Kuma-chan'll keep you company for today."

JackDaniel4242: Tohma blinked in surprise.  "You're going to leave him with me?"


XIXHikaruXIX: "Touma needs a friend right now." He flashed a peace sign, "But make sure he eats a good dinner."

JackDaniel4242: Tohma didn't know what to say to that.  "I will."  He paused for a moment.  "Do you need a ride anywhere Sakuma-san?"


XIXHikaruXIX: "Eh?" He blinked. "Nah, it's a nice day out.  Have him home by bedtime!" He waved and ran off, arms feeling quite empty.

JackDaniel4242: Tohma felt a little guilty taking the rabbit, but he cradled it in the crook of his arm and walked back to the office and back to work.



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