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renewed_faith's Journal

Renewed Faith
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"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love."

--Albert Einstein

"It's gravitation."

--Seguchi Tohma

--universal law of gravitation

Welcome to Renewed Faith, a Gravitation roleplaying game. This is a strongly character-centric game; exploration of character psychology and motivations is paramount. Renewed Faith is loosely based on the themes explored in faithingravity, but the storylines are not connected in any way.

Current Cast:

Shindou Shuichi blindgame_again (played by random_bishie)
Yuki Eiri uesugieirisan (played by transrelativity)
Seguchi Tohma/Kitazawa Yuki twosidesforyuki (played by jackdaniel)
Nakano Hiroshi girlsandguitars (played by naru_chan)
Sakuma Ryuichi kumachan_beam (played by koushirochickie)
Mister K managerfromhell (played by shinji_kousei)
Uesugi Tatsuha chibiuesugi (played by alsie)
Usami Ayaka kyoto_beauty (played by binary_pi)
Sakano producersakano (played by blackwell)

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