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Yuki Eiri

OOC: shuichi comes home

RandomBishie: Papers had never been Shuichi's thing.
Honestly it'd been easier when he was young enough to let his parents deal with
that sort of task. And while his mother had been present for a good portion of
the day, they'd needed him to sign the rest of his releases. Stupid little
notes that said 'take this medication every night for two weeks' and 'i will
attend a follow up check in seven days'...booooooooooooooring. At least he was
back in his normal clothes. Cargo shorts and a sweatshirt were INFINATELY
better than the damned hospital gowns. He'd been given time to simply hang out
once the IV had been removed, so there he sat, waiting and chilling in the bed
while flipping through channels.

vethia: Eiri's appointment ran
late, first off. That was the start. Then it took more than twenty minutes for
them to find and fill his prescription. Then there was a traffic jam (at eleven
o'clock on a Tuesday morning, of all times) on his way to the hospital. After
all was said and done, he arrived around eleven-thirty, slipping his sunglasses
off as he entered the hospital room.

RandomBishie: For some reason watching the fifteenth rerun of
Genkigangar III seemed a much better idea than watching cooking shows. Not that
shuichi could cook anything more than instant soup, but they always gave
him...ideas. He glanced at the door, instantly unaware of the show babbling in
the background as relief flooded his features. "Thought maybe you'd

vethia: Eiri snorted, looking
mildly annoyed, but it was directed elsewhere. "Idiots oughtn't to crash
their cars in the middle of Tokyo's largest intersections. It's impolite."

RandomBishie: Shuichi grinned one of those impossibly idiotic grins that
only he could pull off as one finger went to scratch his ear. "You're one to
talk. I remember two blocks worth of traffic behind a certain ugly black
benz." ..Oh yeah, he was definitely in a frisky mood. Cabin fever and all

vethia: Eiri rolled his eyes.
"I'm certain none of them were headed anywhere important." He glanced
at the boy, noting the non-hospital attire. "I hope you're ready to go.
Hospitals make me ill."

RandomBishie: "...That made no sense." Actually the vocalist's
sense of humor was just too nutsy to appreciate dry humor at the moment. It was
like feeding caviar to someone that only ate hot dogs. "Been ready since
ten. ^_^ You DID say be waiting." He shifted his legs over the edge of the
bed, moving significantly slower than usual. After all, when a car rearranges
your insides, it takes a while to get things back in order.

vethia: Eiri waited until Shuichi
was on his feet, then led the way out of the hospital. He seemed slightly
preoccupied, not even giving his usual nods to the nurses. The sunglasses were
on again before they reached the outdoors, and Eiri lit a cigarette almost
immediately. The aforementioned Benz was waiting.

RandomBishie: GOD he hated that car... Stopping outside the doors,
Shuichi had to blink a few times to let his eyes adjust, all the while fighting
the urge to stretch. Something told him his ribs wouldn't appreciate that much.
"So why's Tatsuha-san here anyway?"

vethia: Eiri shrugged as he
opened the driver's side. "He claims it's to get away from my father. He's
not particularly interested in becoming a priest."

RandomBishie: After a moment or two he managed to get himself into the
car, sitting back with a little smile, obviously more content and oblivious
than ever. "Well I kinda gathered that much. I don't get it though. Your
dad gives you so much trouble...s'kinda weird, dontcha think?"

vethia: "Not
particularly." Eiri started the car and pulled into traffic, taking a
route that wouldn't lead them through the aforementioned accident. "He is
quite invested in seeing the temple pass on to one of his sons. He would rather
it was me, but I suspect by now he's realized that isn't going to happen.
Tatsuha is his next best option."

RandomBishie: "Still," he murmured softly as scenery went
flying by, "it's kind of sad. You can't force someone to be something they
don't want to."

vethia: "That's why he's
here. Though I'm sure they'll find him sooner or later. It's only a matter of

RandomBishie: Shuichi sighed a bit at that, not really sure why he was
suddenly feeling so sorry for Tatsuha. "Well at least he's got somewhere
to go when things get out of hand." Almost as an afterthought, he turned
both wide, violet eyes at Eiri, blinking a bit with a hint of a smile. "It
was nice of you to let him stay."

vethia: Eiri frowned a little. It
The thought honestly hadn't occurred to him. He shrugged slightly.
"It won't be for long. Mika will undoubtedly track him down in a week or

RandomBishie: "Well," he said instantly, trying to think of a
way to argue with that. Sadly, Shuichi knew what Mika was capable of, and the
thought died, leaving a deadpan expression on his face. ",...yeah, you're
probably right.:"

vethia: Eiri glanced over at his
passenger again. I didn't realize he was close enough to Tatsuha to care
whether Mika finds him or not. Huh. Wonder when that happened.
"He has
been anticipating your return."

RandomBishie: Shuichi grinned at that. "Yeah right. He wants my
videos. ^_^"

vethia: A short laugh brought the
hint of a smile to Eiri's face. "I suspect you're right. Still, it
wouldn't do to disappoint him." They were pulling into the garage, just in
time for Eiri to finish his cigarette and snuff it out in the car's ashtray.

RandomBishie: It was like the tension he'd had pent up after all this
time had just filtered away, leaving a fairly decent haze of happiness in its
wake. yet even then, Shuichi seemed to have no control over what tumbled from
his mouth. "I missed you." ...out of place, as usual, but no less

vethia: The hand on the door
handle fell away, and Eiri turned to look at the bright face in the passenger's
seat. His eyes held their gaze for a long moment, both intimate and remote,
before leaning down to plant a soft kiss on Shuichi's mouth. The taste of
nicotine mingled with the smell of his shampoo and the detergent from his
shirt, creating the uniquely Eiri scent that could not be mistaken for anything

RandomBishie: For a moment, the pink haired singer had to remind himself
he wasn't dreaming, that he was awake and well again and honestly sitting in
that stupid car. But the instant reality hit him, his eyes flickered closed and
refused to open until the kiss was finished. And even then, he looked as if he
were dreaming, the faintest of smiles on his face.

vethia: "Come on."
Eiri's voice was unusually quiet and even. "We're here." Then, with
the slightest quirk of his lip, the tone changed. "After all, don't you
want to see what my wayward brother has done to the living room?"

RandomBishie: "...Huh?" It took at least two blinks before he
came back to himself, and suddenly Shuichi was back to normal. "...oh god.
TELL me he hasn't messed with my stuff."

vethia: Eiri shrugged as he got
out of the car. "I wouldn't know. I've been avoiding the place since he
got here. There are a great many wires, though. He might have disconnected your
computer so that he could jack in."

RandomBishie: "O_O" Classic shock raced over his features, and
somehow even with a few busted ribs, Shuichi was bolting out of the car and up
the stairs, enunciating every little movement with an "Ow! ow! ow!"

vethia: Eiri rolled his eyes and
muttered something that most likely ended in "Baka." He followed at a
more sedate pace, letting Shuichi kill himself on the stairway while he took
the elevator.

RandomBishie: Of course, common sense would have said that the author
would have beat Shuichi to the apartment...and that rang more than true. The
stairs were proving to be a challenge, slowing him down considerably and
bringing out all the melodrama possible. By the time he got upstairs, he looked
like a bad actor in an old movie about being stranded in the desert.

vethia: Eiri had left the door
ajar. His shoes were neatly placed beside the door, keys on the end table,
jacket on the hook. Eiri himself was nowhere to be seen, but the telltale sound
of a beer can opening might lead one to believe he was in the kitchen. The
closing of the fridge door turned supposition to fact.

RandomBishie: Leaning back against the wall, Shuichi panted and tried to
catch his breath before it got the best of him. AFter a minute he managed to
toe off his shoes and head slowly for the kitchen, pouting a bit. "You
could've waited you know."

vethia: "Why, you want
one?" Eiri didn't turn around. He was frowning at the open cupboard.
"He bought food. Look at this. It's barely my own house any more."

RandomBishie: "...There's food?" He looked like a starving man
promised a feast, the grin instantly back and the mood forgotten.

vethia: "If you can call it
that," Eiri sighed. "Help yourself." He left the cupboard open
and padded into the living room to drink his beer in peace.

RandomBishie: Two minutes later he had a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich, a box of pocky, and a can of soda, and looked like the happiest
person on the planet. If it hadnt been for his ribs, he'd be bouncing. He
flopped rather ungracefully onto the opposite end of the couch, watching Eiri
thoughtfully as he munched away...and talked with his mouth full of food, as
usual. "So what've you been doing all this time?"

vethia: "Work." What
else is new.
He sipped at the beer. "That and internet voyeurism seem
to occupy all my time as of late."

RandomBishie: He polished off the last bit of one half of sandwich,
shoving it into his mouth and blinking curiously at Eiri. "Huh?"
...Wow. Clueless was an understatement.

vethia: He rolled his eyes.
"Livejournal, baka. That thing is addicting."

RandomBishie: "ooooh." Swallowing what was left in his mouth,
Shuichi grinned. "Yeah it kinda sucks you in, huh? ^_^ never would've
thought I'd see you on there though."

vethia: The writer shrugged.
"When one doesn't leave the house, one does need some way to watch the
outside world." He took a sip. "That and I've begun using it to
announce progress on my book."

RandomBishie: He started on the other half of his sandwich, slowly
edging his way closer to the writer...the urge to be close was just way too
much to ignore, and he seriously needed the attention. "yeah K mentioned
something about that when I started mine. Said it'd be good for the public or

vethia: "Be careful what you
post on there if you're going to release it to the public." Not that
Shuichi would heed any warnings, he was sure. Or maybe Eiri was just paranoid.
The beer was gone. It was a damn shame, but he didn't feel like getting up to
get another, so he set the can on the coffee table and leaned back, staring
blankly out the window at the skyline.

RandomBishie: Shuichi paused for a minute, debating. Calculating. Stay
put? Or... "I'll be careful." He dared to edge just a little closer,
the last bit of sandwich still clamped betweenhis lips as he did so.

vethia: Eiri gave him a sideways
glance. "How can you eat that stuff? Doesn't it stick to your teeth?"

RandomBishie: "Nah," he mumbled, grinning like an idiot.
"Its just peanut butter. S'good for you!" ...cloooooser.....

vethia: The writer snorted.
"Good for you like eating glue is good for you." He'd noticed
Shuichi's proximity by now, but declined to comment.

RandomBishie: One second...two...then he flopped backward with his head
in Eiri's lap, both eyes blinking up at him as he smiled shyly...still munching
the sandwich. "Its got vitamins at least." ...he hoped...

vethia: Eiri rolled his eyes.
"Read the label sometime. I think you'll be surprised." Almost as an
afterthought, his hand dipped down and ran through the shocking pink hair.

RandomBishie: "Well it beats jello," he mumbled, eyes slipping
closed. Now this was INFINITELY better. He smiled softly, polishing off the
last of his sandwich, then blinked back up at the blond. "Did you miss

vethia: The writer was looking
away again, out over the skyline of Tokyo. He took a moment to consider.
"I suppose I did," he replied at last.

vethia: "After all, I
suppose when one is used to a dreadful racket at all hours of the day, silence
can come as a surprise."

RandomBishie: He glared playfully, more bark than bite, as usual.
"I'm not THAT noisy."

vethia: Eiri rolled his eyes
dramatically. "A herd of elephants would be quieter than you."

RandomBishie: "...Crab." The glare continued, but lacked

vethia: "Baka." The
hand dripped lazily through the pink hair, idly swirling it around.

RandomBishie: "Hey!" Of course, it was impossible to hide the
bit of a grin on his face. "What've I told you about calling me

vethia: "Goodness only
knows, considering how damaged my hearing is from living with you." Dry
humor was Eiri's specialty, but the barest hint of a smile quirked the corner
of his lip.

RandomBishie: "Dork." It wasn’t much of a response, but it was
purely Shuichi. And he didnt miss the grin.

vethia: Eiri sniffed slightly,
something that might have been a soft laugh, eyes drifting back to the windows.
"All of those packages are at Nakano's house, as I'm sure you've learned.
You should deal with them when you're feeling better."

RandomBishie: "Hai hai," he said sleepily, smiling again as
his eyes closed. "I will. Soon as I can."

vethia: The hand in Shuichi's
hair stayed where it was, but the other drifted down to run softly down his
side, with much more tenderness than might be expected of the irritable and
often-violent writer. "And how do you feel?"

RandomBishie: "Sore," he said without hesitation, but the
voice wasn't negative. "And achey. And my throat hurts a bit but that’s
probably from not singing much."

vethia: "Your throat hurts
from not singing? That's a first." The hand on his side slipped
down, then up under his shirt, running ever-so-delicately over whatever skin
had been left unbandaged.

RandomBishie: If shuichi had been a kitten, he would've purred, but the
sound came out in the form of a happy little sigh. "Misuse and stuff.
Happaned once when I was younger too. S'no big deal."

vethia: "I won't pretend I
understand." Little circles and spirals of feathery touches scrawled over
his stomach, meandering to some unheard melody.

RandomBishie: The vocalist giggled a little, two hazy eyes finally opening
to look at eiri again, plainly displaying all the emotions he could muster.

vethia: Eiri leaned down, fingers
tightening slightly on the hair he held, pulling it softly, guiding the
attached head backward so that Shuichi couldn't help but meet his eyes. The
soft whiff of breath as he exhaled still smelled of smoke, but it was overlaid
with a faint tinge of alcohol from his latest beverage. The hand on Shuichi's
belly stopped, resting full-palm against the skin for a long moment. Then it
slipped away. The writer sat up, easing out from under his housemate. "You
should rest. I'll be in my office."

RandomBishie: "B..but..." Shuichi stammered, doubt flooding
his mind. Had he done something wrong? Or was the author just that intent on
working? And if that was the case, didn't it matter that he was finally home?

vethia: But he was already
walking away. Stumbling slightly, Eiri headed not into the office but into the
bathroom. The sound of running water followed moments later.

RandomBishie: Pouting, he lay there, staring at the ceiling. DejaVu...
At least here though, he was home. Which was infinitely better than the
hospital,. Still, it was hard not to feel a certain sense of disappointment.
But Eiri was always like that, giving in just a little before walking away for
god knows what reason...and Shuichi usually figured it was his fault.
Today was no exception

vethia: A strange sound came from
the bathroom, muffled and indistinct behind the sound of the water. After a few
minutes, the sink was turned off, and following a moment or two of silence,
Eiri emerged. He looked slightly steadier. From the hallway, he caught sight of
the singer, still sprawled on the couch. "Didn't I say you needed to
rest...? What are you doing out of bed?"

RandomBishie: But Shuichi countered curiously. "What were you

vethia: Eiri frowned a little.
"Washing my face." His face did, indeed, glisten wetly in the light.
"What, can't you walk?"

RandomBishie: He blinked again, looking rather stupid...especially since
he was practically upside down. "...well...I..." Lame answer.

vethia: Without waiting for an
explanation, Eiri cut across the room in three strides and scooped the little
singer into his arms. Backtracking, he headed for the bedroom, then for the
bed, which seemed to be his ultimate destination. He set Shuichi down, but not
quite fast enough to hide the fact that his arms were trembling, very slightly.

RandomBishie: Again his initial response was to blink, as if his brain
was calculating something. "...You okay? I mean, you look kinda..."
But not being the most eloquent individual, the right word evaded him.

vethia: "You're supposed to
be resting," Eiri countered, then stopped all further protests with a
strong kiss.

RandomBishie: "But I-" The kiss broke off his train of thought,
draining any ability to speak at the moment.

vethia: Apparantly, Eiri's idea
of 'resting' didn't exactly coincide with that of the hospital staff. He didn't
speak, but he moved with the utmost care, nowhere near his usual rough

RandomBishie: Surprised was putting it mildly, and Shuichi was either
too caught up in the moment to care about his aches and pains, or he was just
too wrapped up in the idea of... Oh hell, it hardly mattered. All that mattered
was that he felt loved, and was far too happy about it. Actually, had the mood
been less intense, he probably would've started crying over it all...typical
reaction, but definitely not in a negative way.

vethia: Eiri's breathing slowed
as he rolled away into the sheets. Never one to fall asleep right away, he
seemed to collapse tonight, sinking into the mattress as if he'd never rise

RandomBishie: Oddly enough, the vocalist found it extremely difficult to
move for a change...but he was okay with that. He wasn't tired, per se...after
all he'd just spent two full weeks in a hospital with no where to go but around
the nurse's station. And after a while even THAT had lost it's appeal. So he
lay there, with a rather stupid grin on his face, eyes closed as he debated
rolling onto his side and cuddling. But two things kept him from making an
immediate decision on that...one being that Eiri wasn't a 'cuddle' kind of guy,
and two being he just hurt.

vethia: Everything felt
fuzzy. Eiri had the nagging feeling that there was something he should be doing,
but the cloud over his thoughts kept him from remembering. He lay on his back,
an unusual and uncomfortable position for him, but somehow he just couldn't
seem to move. His eyelids felt like lead. He couldn't pry them open.

RandomBishie: ....Screw it. He'd deal with the consequence if it came.
Slowly Shuichi rolled onto his side, pressing close to the writer and draping
one arm over his chest, almost shyly, as if afraid to be shoved away. Not many
people knew he was on a mission of sorts to loosen Eiri up from his normal
tendencies. Although, admittedly, this had nothing to do with any of that. This
had to do with the fact that he'd spent two very lonely, very boring weeks in
the hospital, thinking far too much and letting himself doubt. And now he needed
reassurance, almost as much as he needed the man next to him.

vethia: The touch on his bare
chest made Eiri stir, and he muttered something incoherent. His eyes still
wouldn't open. He did not, however, make any move to break away.

RandomBishie: The tension drained instantly, leaving Shuichi both
releived and finally comfortable. He blinked half-lidded eyes, murmuring
softly, doubting the writer would hear a thing anyway. "...I was thinking,
the other day..." He waited for a response then, holding his breath to see
if Yuki was asleep at all, or if he was just lethargic.

vethia: Noise made him stir
again, head inclining towards the source of the sound. His eyes felt as if they
were glued shut.

RandomBishie: Two deep-violet eyes turned upward, bringing a somewhat
sheepish smile to his face followed by a blush that, though most likely
invisible in the darkness, could probably be felt. "N..nevermind. get some
sleep." He hadn't been expecting that...

vethia: Something was pulling at
him. It felt important, though he couldn't figure out what it was. He tried to
say "What?" but the words wouldn't quite form. He did manage to pry
his eyelids up, though, just a tad.

RandomBishie: The pink haired boy chuckled softly, little bits of hair
tumbling in front of his eyes. "Sleep. You look ready to pass out."

vethia: Gibberish. It wasn't
connecting. A fleeting thought, inarticulate--why was he on his back? He
couldn't stay conscious any more. Eiri let his eyelids sink closed.

RandomBishie: Sighing softly to himself, Shuichi found it was easier not
to say what had been on his mind. Something...nagged him inside, and now he
could dismiss it being anything to do with the writer. At first he'd assumed
maybe it was just guilt, that he'd been dwelling on something again. But now,
when all he could think about was how much he was attached to the man, that
thought was ruled out. Now it was an unanswered question in his head. So what
was out of place?

vethia: Eiri slept without
dreaming. The apartment was silent; wherever Tatsuha was, he hadn't come back
yet. Water dripped slowly from the bathroom sink, but aside from that, there
was nothing to be heard.

RandomBishie: Sleep wouldn't come, not just yet. But Shuichi found
himself grateful to simply lay there, taking in the scent of his lover, the
feel of him, the sound of his heartbeat. And only when he was positively asleep
did Shuichi finally decide to whisper. "...Its...odd, isn’t it?" Of
course, he didn’t expect an answer

vethia: Eiri was quite decidedly
unconscious. A soft breeze stirred the air through the slightly-open bedroom
window, ruffling the writer's blond hair, but he didn't move.

RandomBishie: He found himself swallowing hard through emotion, still
smiling as he continued in soft, hushed tones so low that it was a miracle he
was speaking aloud at all. "I spent so much time missing you these past
two weeks...and I was kind of upset that you weren't around much. But
now," he murmured in awe, "it's like I was never upset in the first

vethia: Something penetrated the
writer's drugged sleep, and he shifted. Skin slipped under the hand on his
chest as he turned, rolling onto his side with agonizing slowness to face his

RandomBishie: Shuichi's eyes widened in a moment of sheer terror.
Shit...had he heard any of that?? and if he had, would he comment? Then on top
of all that, he was suddenly nose to nose with Yuki. His cheeks burned even as
his fingers wrapped around the sheets tightly, holding his breath in
anticipation of what may...or may not...happen

vethia: But... no. Eiri's face
was slack. It looked as if gravity had decided to focus double its efforts on
Japan's foremost romance novelist today; he was flattened, somehow, and
completely asleep.

RandomBishie: Eventually the need to breathe forced the pop-idol to
exhale, and he gave the sleeping writer one of his precious little grins that
made fangirls squeal. "kawaii..."

vethia: Eiri, fortunately, slept
through it all.


vethia: The first thing Eiri
noticed was that his back hurt like hell. The next was that he wasn't in the bathroom,
which was the last thing he remembered. The third was that he had no clothes
on. Prying his eyelids open took a metaphorical crowbar, but once he'd done it,
he looked around sharply, trying to figure out what had happened.

RandomBishie: Shuichi hadn't so much as budged, still nestled close
against Eiri' one leg draped over the man's thigh, his hand still poised over
the writer's heart as he slept soundly. and there was a definate lack of
clothing going on.

vethia: ...Of course. The
obvious. Eiri scowled. If he was going to sleep with his boyfriend, he far
preferred to remember the experience afterwards. But why had he gone to sleep
on his back...? That was perplexing. He never slept on his back, for the very
simple reason that it did terrible things to his spine. Groaning slightly, Eiri
knew he wanted nothing more than to stand up and stretch (or at least roll
over), but he couldn't bring himself to disturb the so recently incapacitated
Shuichi. With an effort and an annoyed sigh, he stayed put.

RandomBishie: It would take quite the miracle to wake the singer at that
point as well, as it had taken him a while to pass out the night before. He'd
simply reveled in being where he was, in being home, and now that he'd managed
to sleep..well...lets just say a squadron of B-52s could have come through the
room and he'd still be snoring.

vethia: Eiri turned his head
towards Shuichi, studying his lover in the fading light. The kid looked
exhausted. He also looked fragile, and Eiri frowned a bit at the sight. It's
that shit hospital food. No wonder he's dead asleep.
In spite of his best
intentions, though, Eiri's bladder was making quite a case for disturbing the
young singer. With agonizing slowness, he began to extract himself from
Shuichi's arms.

RandomBishie: Boyish features slipped from calm contentment to mild
irritation, but he never so much as budged. His fingers did tighten a bit in
the sheets though.

vethia: With a sigh of relief,
Eiri extricated himself from the bed. His back was killing him. Rummaging
around for a bit, he managed to find his pants and pulled them on. The shirt
was easier to locate, and he threw it on without bothering to button it. With a
last glance at Shuichi, he headed to the bathroom to relieve himself.

RandomBishie: Shuichi, of course, picked the worst possible moment to
wake up. Alone. And definately confused to a certain extent. He blinked
once...then twice, slowly, trying to figure out why he was suddenly so cold.
And naked. And alone.  

vethia: The flush of the toilet
answered that question. Eiri felt far better with an empty bladder. He washed
his hands and splashed water on his face, and only then noticed the orange
bottle on the edge of the sink. It figures. No wonder I can't remember
With a sting of inexplicable shame, he picked up the bottle and
stored it in the medicine cabinet, safely behind mirrored doors. Out of sight,
out of mind. He could believe that until he had to take them again.

RandomBishie: The sound from the bathroom aleviated any lingering
curiosity, and Shuichi decided to let his eyes flutter closed again, snuggling
up against Eiri's pillow with a soft sound.

vethia: Eiri returned momentarily
with a glass of water and a discreet wetted washcloth to mop his face. Padding
back into the bedroom, he noticed that his lover had shifted position, and
leaned back against the dresser to take in the sight.

RandomBishie: Of course, he was conscious enough to hear Yuki return,
but he was too tired, and comfortable, and well sated to acknowledge the
presence. It was as if having the man in the same room was enough to just calm
his own nerves.

vethia: Eiri finished the water
and, after checking to make sure Shuichi wasn't up and watching, mopped his
forehead. The cloth wound up in the hamper, and Eiri wound up in the closet,
searching for something other than day-old clothing to wear.

RandomBishie: Finally his eyes opened again, but he said nothing, simply
watched. If he was found out...oh well ^_^

vethia: Eventually he selected a
pair of khaki slacks and a smooth white linen shirt, indistinguishable from the
ones he was wearing save to the practiced eye. Changing would have looked like
an effort in futility to anyone else, but to Eiri, it was essential.

RandomBishie: ...Why the hell the writer had eight of the same outfits,
Shuichi would never know. But watching him change was sorta fun in itself. ^_^

vethia: Cleanly clothed at last,
Eiri leisurely buttoned his shirt. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught
sight of Shuichi, now obviously awake. "About time you woke up," he
sniffed, though it was a bluff--he had no idea what had happened or how long
they'd been awake, much less how long it'd been since they went to sleep.
"How are the ribs?"

RandomBishie: "Fine," he murmured, still smiling at the
writer. "S'long as I don't move too much. Sleeping sucks."

vethia: "Mmm. You should
stretch. It'll help." Eiri belatedly wondered if Tatsuha was back yet.
Listening for a moment told him that even if his brother was present, the kid
wasn't making any noise. Hopefully that meant Ta was either out or asleep. Eiri
wasn't entirely certain how he felt about running into his little brother with
his naked lover in the other room. Shit. I didn't exactly think ahead when I
let him stay.

RandomBishie: Shuichi merely yawned in response, shifting onto his
back and feeling the ache start up again. "Ow...okay owowowow..." He
winced until finally he was on his back, and the entire situation was a little
easier to deal with.

vethia: Eiri shook his head in
Shuichi's direction. "You know, you really ought to avoid athletic
activities while injured. Can't possibly be good for you."

RandomBishie: Shuichi grinned one of those rare, wry smiles that only
Eiri and Hiro knew about. "Didn’t stop YOU last night, now did it."

vethia: Oh, fuck. I hope I
didn't do something extreme. He'll be aching for days if I did. Damn it all.
Eiri covered for his lack of memory by, well,
feigning a lack of memory. "I haven't the faintest idea what you could be
talking about."

RandomBishie: Shuichi blinked with a positively lame expression, then
frowned. "Oh sure. The one time you actually DONT rape me, you don't
remember. Nice." Growling he went to roll over in a huff, but all that got
him was a shot of pain that brought a sharp whimper from his throat.

vethia: Well, that's good to
Eiri snickered.
"Didn't I just tell you to be careful, baka? You're going to strain

RandomBishie: He shuddered in response, then forced himself to mumble as
the pain subsided. "Quit callin me that jerk." Of course he didn’t
mean it...and it was painfully obvious

vethia: Eiri smirked. "Baka,
baka, baaaaaaaka..." He drew the syllables out, lightly teasing.

RandomBishie: Shuichi bristled, sitting up and grabbing a pillow, then chucking
it with very little force toward the writer's ass. "knock it
oooooooooooooooff!" he whined, unable to suppress a grin.

vethia: Eiri neatly sidestepped
the pillow, then caught it up with one hand. "If you act like that, I
don't think you deserve this." He waggled the pillow.

RandomBishie: Pouting like a puppy who'd had his toy taken away, Shuichi
whined, sitting up straight and paying no mind to the fact that the sheet was
barely covering him in any decent fashion.
"Yukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" again
with the whining.

vethia: Eiri's mouth quirked,
pleased with the view. "No, I don't think you deserve this in the
least." Knowing full well that the shorter boy had trouble with the closet
shelf at the best of times, that was precisely where Eiri stowed the pillow.

RandomBishie: "DAMN YOU!" Growling, he shifted a bit, losing
the sheet and pointing an offending finger at his lover. "Why the hell're
you so MEAN to me all the time!"  

vethia: "Because you beg for
it so very, very nicely." Eiri was across the room in moments, leaning
over the boy on the bed with a widening smirk.

RandomBishie: "O_O I...I-I-I-..." Of course that was about as
good as he was going to get, hands poised behind him as he sort of tried to
spider-crawl his way back. But the effort was pointless.

vethia: Snickering softly, Eiri
leaned down and slid his tongue upwards, slowly and deliberately, leaving a
vertical track across the precise middle of his lover's chest. "You've
been away too long," he murmured, then lightly pushed himself up again,
off of the bed.

RandomBishie: Shuichi shuddered softly, eyes closing at the touch as his
fingers wound in the twisted sheets behind him. But when things ended as
quickly as they'd begun, he became painfully aware of his lack of coverage, and
with a "meep!" was tugging the sheets around him again, blushing like
a feind.

vethia: "I think your
clothes are on the other side of the bed," Eiri remarked casually as he
headed for the door.

RandomBishie: Shuichi grumbled a bit when the door was closed, then
sighed and grinned the moment he knew he was alone.

vethia: The writer wandered to
the kitchen, but nothing Tatsuha had bought appealed to him. In fact, nothing
appealed to him. With a sigh, Eiri considered coffee but settled on beer. Can't
go wrong with beer.

RandomBishie: Shuichi managed to get himself up, dig around for a comfy
pair of jeans and a t-shirt (green for a change), before making his way into
the kitchen and casting a nasty look at his lover. "Little early for that
dontcha think>?"

vethia: Eiri started. Early?
Shit... it's not morning, is it? ...Is it?
He had no idea how much time had
passed since yesterday afternoon. Shifting uncomfortably, he ignored the
teasing and took a long swig.

RandomBishie: He sighed, shaking his head and opening the fridge with a
yawn, raking one hand through his already tousled hair. "ooooooooh he got
pizzas." if there was one thing the kid could manage, it was ~that~.

vethia: Eiri watched silently. A
vague nagging in the back of his mind told him he should eat something but, as
usual, he ignored it.

RandomBishie: Shuichi paid that no mind, humming happily as he started
the oven and grabbed a soda for himself before leaning back against the counter
and watching the writer thoughtfully

vethia: Recognizing the feel of
his lover's eyes on him, Eiri shifted position. "...What?"

RandomBishie: Shuichi immediately blushed, turning to look at the soda
in his hand. "mn..nothing."

vethia: Eiri's eyes narrowed. He
set the beer down and crossed his arms, Well...? written all over his

RandomBishie: He dared to glance at his lover for a moment, then back at
the can, then back again with a sigh. "What! I can't just look at

vethia: Eiri chuckled softly.
"Cute. No doubt about it." He picked up the beer and padded out of
the kitchen, headed for the office. Suppose I ought to at least try to do
some work.

RandomBishie: "Am not," he mumbled, eyeing the writer
while trying to hide the flush on his cheeks. He watched Eiri disappear into
the office, smiling fully when he'd disappeared. Things just felt so...right.

vethia: Eiri settled down to
write, feeling more inspired than he had in a while. He couldn't suppress a
small smile as he began to type.

RandomBishie: Shuichi on the other hand started in on his usual little
routine. He made pizza, called Hiro, and checked the messages on his cell phone
as he dumped a few slices on the plate, sauntered into Yuki's office while
babbling at his mother on the phone, and set it down on the desk without
waiting for a response or giving the man a chance to argue. Although the
conversation was audibally irritating. "Ma knock it off! I'm FINE for the
last freakin time!"

vethia: Eiri rolled his eyes at
the conversation, though he did absently pick up a slice of pizza and start

RandomBishie: Shuichi grinned a bit once outside the office, giving a
little arm pump. "Yosh! ...No mom not you! JEez why the hell would I tell
YOU that?....I AM NOT!" the argument carried into the kitchen

vethia: The writer muttered to
himself in annoyance, but with his mouth full of pizza, it came out looking far
more adorable than annoyed.

RandomBishie: And the singer noticed...and damn it made him giggle.

vethia: With the phone
conversation out of earshot, Eiri settled into his work with a sense of
serenity that had been absent for the last week or so. He didn't notice it, of
course, but his writing seemed to go much smoother and come out cleaner. His
editor would do backflips for joy.

RandomBishie: The conversation carried for a while until finally he
managed to get his mom off the phone, grabbed a plate of pizza, and trotted
into the office to plunk down against the desk on the floor with a big goofy

vethia: Eiri didn't acknowledge
his presence, but a few stolen sideways glances showed that he was well aware
of the singer. The pace of the tapping increased just a bit.

RandomBishie: Of course, everyone knew Shuichi couldn't stay quiet. Five
minutes and twenty two seconds later, he'd started babbling. "....what
chapter are you on?"

vethia: "Seventeen,"
Eiri answered without slowing his pace. "It shouldn't go more than thirty,

RandomBishie: "nice," he mumbled around a mouthful of pizza.
"...when’s your deadline?" Again, not knowing when to shut up...but
when did he ever?

vethia: "I have two weeks to
go, but I'll need to be finished with twenty by then."

RandomBishie: ".,..That’s alotta work." He blinked, smiling
and still not shutting his mouth. "Guess you'll need plenty of quiet then,

vethia: Eiri feigned being
engrossed in his work to avoid answering. The truth was that, while he used to
prefer solitude while he did his work, since living with Shuichi he'd been unable
to concentrate without at least the little singer's presence. Talking wasn't so

RandomBishie: And he was damn used to it by now. He kept on eating,
fidgeting with a hole in his sock as he did. "...so anything else happen
while I was out?"

vethia: "Other than
Tatsuha's impromptu visit, nothing of note." He left out Tohma's more
frequent visitations. No reason for the singer to know about that, and Eiri
himself refused to think about the other form of visitations he'd been receiving
lately. Even Tohma didn't know about those; Shuichi certainly couldn't.

RandomBishie: "Hm," he answered without much interest.
"Did he bring back my dvds at least?"

vethia: Eiri sniffed. "I
certainly wouldn't know. I haven't gone near his things since he got here. The
living room has been taken over."

RandomBishie: He growled a little, thinking on that as he started
picking the toppings off his remaining piece of pizza. "i saw that. Looks
like the freakin matrix in there"

vethia: "At least he moved
it all to one corner. Before I couldn't walk through the room."

RandomBishie: ,....You can NOW?" He sounded amazed.

vethia: "Even Tatsuha's mess
was far better than all of your boxes. I couldn't even see across the

RandomBishie: That amused him to some degree. "oh come on. It can’t
be THAT bad. Not like it stacked to the ceiling or anything, right?"

vethia: Eiri took an
unprecedented moment to glance at Shuichi. He didn't answer in words, but his
expression said, Are you sure about that?

RandomBishie: The silence was enough to make him ponder.

vethia: "You might want to
ask Nakano about that," Eiri returned dryly.

RandomBishie: His face turned a distinct shade of pale.
"but...H..hiros apartments smaller than THIS one!"

vethia: "Blame
Seguchi," Eiri cut in smoothly. "He's the one who shipped the
packages to Nakano's."


RandomBishie: (( i think i need to log for the night though babe. my
brain is spinning...))

vethia: ((okies. how 'bout we end
it there and just say they spend the rest of the evening like that? that way we
can post it and let the game keep running))

RandomBishie: (( hai hai ^_^ works for me ))

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