Yuki Eiri (uesugieirisan) wrote in renewed_faith,
Yuki Eiri

OOC -- screennames and such

hey everyone!

just dropping an ooc note to make sure that everyone has added each other to whatever buddy lists or ooc lj friends they want to. specifically, i want to make sure everyone knows who's who on aim, so that we can contact each other for rp purposes.

as a general reference, here are the public screennames that i know of for our cast members:

uesugieirisan: vethia
blindgame_again: randombishie
girlsandguitars: shinzui naru
twosidesforyuki: jackdaniel4242
managerfromhell: shinji kousei
chibiuesugi: akai no kaze
kyoto_beauty: erdbeere35
kumachan_beam: xixhikaruxix
producersakano: producersakano

i think that's everybody, right? right. so please, everybody add these people to your buddy lists so that we can all rp together. please let me know if i got your screenname wrong or if i put one up there that you don't consider to be pulic knowledge, because this post is going to stay public.

i'm about to make a members-only post detailing my secret/rp-only screennames, email address, etc. etc. and so forth, and i think it'd be a good idea if everyone else did this too, so that i can put 'em all in the community memories for future members to access. the way to do this, for those who are less familiar with the system, is to make a community post and make it friends-only. you will only be able to view these posts if you are signed into lj with your ic journal name and are a member of the community. kumachan_beam, i'm still working on trying to get lj to cough up an invite for you. we'll just have to keep trying.

so, yeah. make posts. add buddies. and stuff.
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