Yuki Eiri (uesugieirisan) wrote in renewed_faith,
Yuki Eiri


hi there everyone!

i'd like to remind everybody to add and welcome our newest members:

managerfromhell, played by shinji_kousei
producersakano, played by blackwell
chibiuesugi, played by alsie

don't forget to update your friends pages! also, make sure you put a notation in your userinfo that lists your ic friends--i.e., the people your character lists as a 'friend' on lj and who can see his or her 'friends-only' entries.

while we're on the subject, a few quick things to remember:

-always tag ic, first-person posts with [public], [private], [friends-only], or [filtered: name name name]
-prose entries go in individual journals rather than the community
-rp logs go in the community behind a lj-cut
-REMEMBER TO SEND A REQUEST to join the community! for some reason it won't let me invite people >_>
-check ic first-person entries before your character replies, to make sure he or she has access to that entry
-if it's at all possible and/or in character, try to post first-person entries every so often, at all security levels--it gives us all a way to interact without trying to catch each other on aim and makes everything more fun

and i believe that's it. :)

oh except i haven't updated the community frontpage links yet. i'll do that tomorrow. promise.
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